First brief- Research









Our first brief was all about Researching, using a variety of sources and skills. We were all given a word- Mine was ‘Tree’, our brief outcome was to display 10 80mmx80mm images relating to the word in 10 separate categories (fashion, food, political, environmental, etc). I originally started off the project by choosing categories such as texture, art, political, music, etc) and seeing how trees related to them, but after my first feedback session, it became apparent that a better route to take would be logos with trees in within 10 separate category areas. I am please with the outcome as i feel it fits the brief well, and was a good solid outcome. I received a B for the project and have been given feedback on how to get it to an A standard, so i shall be working on that over the next few weeks and hopefully re-submitting it. Any feedback is welcomed =]

Enjoy =]


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