Whats inspiring me at the moment

When i’m stuck with a project, or deep in thought about an idea, i tend to go for a walk with my music on, i often avoid music with lyrics in at this stage as it distracts me, also from my desk in my room, i have a lovely view of the city centre so i also tend to stare into the distance. My room is full of inspiration, flyers i have picked up, mountains of back issues from creative review and computer arts, the economist, and cosmopolitan. I also have quite a few newspapers lying around, but tend to throw them out after a while as they are outdated. Music that inspires me to work at the moment is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss-46wfzhkE I’m really stuck on my project at the moment, so am raiding through all of my stuff to find a little bit of inspiration =]


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